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Northeast Volleyball Qualifier Profiler Plus App, powered by BeTheBeast, is a comprehensive online recruiting platform that increases your probability of getting recruited by giving college coaches access to your athletic resume and highlight video, on their mobile devices, to determine if you have what it takes for them to evaluate you, at our tournaments.

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Athlete Profile

Build your athletic resume so that college coaches can view your athletic resume, on their mobile devices, to be identified as a player they want to evaluate at our tournaments.

Video Library

Upload your "full game" films so you can create your own online video library to watch your games, on demand, to get better.

Highlight Maker

"Cut" your best so you can create a highlight video that tells college coaches "you got game" and they should watch you at our events.

College Coaches Scouting App

College coaches use our mobile "Scouting" App, at our events, to increase their productivity in evaluating and identifying potential recruits by making roster information easily accessible on their phones or tablets.


Northeast Volleyball Qualifier Profiler App powered by BeTheBeast



  • Player Profile - allows you to build your own athletic resume that college coaches can access online, at our events.
  • Video Library - allows you establish your own "full game" film library so you can watch your games on demand.
  • Highlight Maker - allows you to "cut" your plays and create a highlight video that college coaches can access online.
  • College Coach Player Access - gives college coaches access to your athletic resume including additional contact information, HS playing history, HS stats and your highlight video, from their mobile devices, while they are scouting our events.
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